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Everybody has a story -

Julie Phillippi-Whitney Share yours with me and I will get it told by the media. There are a few key factors that differentiate me from the thundering PR herd. I have determination, persistence, and a hefty contact list of national media with whom I have developed a strong rapport over the years. I know how to break down doors and get through to them, but also know when to back off. I tell my clients that I won't pitch a story unless it is newsworthy. Over the years reporters and producers have come to trust that I will not cry wolf with them. I only present stories of legitimate importance and timeliness. The whole point is to have your story heard by the noisemakers of the world.

Julie Whitney brings a balance of tenacity and professionalism to the term Public Relations. Knowing when to charge forward and when to put on the brakes, Julie crosses the finish line, winning the assignment. It has been my pleasure to work with Julie in several ways, in both the "for profit" and "non-profit" arenas. Julie understands the workings of both sectors. When Julie believes in your project, she is tirelessly motivated and works with sincerity. This is why she is successful for both the client and herself.- Donna Speigel, Owner, Snooty Fox, Inc. March 5th, 2010